Friday, 17 March 2017

The reality of Kashmir Struggle.

LOL at the pretentious media. It's acting all surprised with the message that Burhan Wani's successor has released in his latest video.

If anyone hasn't seen the video, the newly sworn-in terrorist said, "Nationalism and democracy is prohibited in Islam, we must not make it a freedom struggle, it's a religious war, it's jihad against kafirs, when you take up stones in your hand, that should be in the name of Islam  and not Kashmiri nationalism or aazadi."

This is something, we have been screaming for years now. Kashmiri insurgency was never about any freedom struggle, it was always about Islam. The very proof of it was in the Pandit exodus. If it was about Kashmir, Pandits wouldn't have been seen as enemies.

It's time, we stop fathering the ungrateful. They should be exposed for what they are.

We need to change our strategy. Instead of fighting it as an India-Pakistan crisis on international platforms.

We should focus on the exposing the real agendas of these victim-criers so the world stops sympathising with them. They should be presented as what they are. Terrorists.

They are no different from ISIS.


  1. You are doing great work di proud of you
    M also form jammu

  2. Do read major gaurav arya's latest article on kashmir issue in swarajya magzine

  3. It was always about Islam. During 16-1700s too. Terrorists from afghan first came in with the purpose of establishing Islamic state. Majority in Kashmir are potential terrorists or terrorists. Thwy were hand in glove with jklf for exodus of kashmiri pandits